Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more for the day!

I know I had said I won't post till Monday. But the last 15 mins. had my cranium split in pieces for the n number of thoughts I got ! Can't I just not think this much. Ha ..but then that's me! And this is my world !!!

Coming back from the 'slipping' session in Ice, only 1 dialogue from "Zindagi Rocks" runs in my mind..." Thank you God zinda hoon mein zindagi ka shukriya !" Not that I survived a fatal accident or something, but realized the pleasure of having someone walk besides you while its a bad time or for that matter a bad road !

When I think about the bad times of my life till date, whenever I have been down and blue, I have had friends with whom I could talk. May be, since I am at ease with talking to friends about my problems helped me - but isn't it at a blessing both the ways. The person need not always be, the same person. Need not always be my best friend or my family members. There have been times, while out of nowhere some close friend has called up and uplifted my spirits. And now while I think about it, I realize those are the friends turned into little guardian angels for me, at that very moment. So, I have permanent angels around me, and those transforming ones at the times of need.

Why all this? Just had a thought, that in the long run of cribbing and cursing life, I have forgotten the reasons to thank god for ! These blessings, I have so often took for granted!

And also, since I got that call ... :)

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