Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year that didn't belong to me!

When the clock struck twelve
We all gathered around and dwelled
Come two thousand and eight
With good things in our fate!

It was all wrong
How all I had went along!
Couldn't I just see?
May be God would have heard my plea!

From a heart break in February
To the graduation in May
Leaving me jobless
And hopeless you may say!

Came June and July with no respite
God didn't react prayers inspite
He took away the remaining me
And yet till date he rests in glee!

Extra pounds
More hair on the ground
Which year in this world
Would make me more sound?

Facing grief was new for me
Didn't I have any strategy?
Mom thinks I can face the world
No matter If I am twisted and swirled

I wouldn't wish to get her wrong
No matter what all came along
I tried to be the strong me
With hopes that she now will happy be!

Things didn't change much for me
Even with the clock ticking free
More wisdom and lessons learnt
What about memories that are dark as burnt?

Of all the things that weren't mine
This year was definitely number one in the line
Four years and two decades later
I wish things were a bit more straighter!

New years here again
All I do is fear more pain
Not much more than this I can see
Oh Please, let me just be me!


Anonymous said...

Don't ever leave the hope that things would be fine. Remember, even at the end of free sky fall there is a land to fall with a 'thud' !

Enigmatic Illusion said...

After night there's always a day, and a night after a day...I hope your night is over and wish you looong looong day! Don't ever lose hope! :)

Rambler said...

more wisdom and lessons' learn't..isn't this the best part of the year?..its not just your mom who thinks you can face the world, its all of us, and more importantly I am sure, in a way you too think the same..

Wishing you a very happy new year

Pari said...

@ all

Wish you a happpy 2009 ! Thanks for the encouragement...in this year i definitely need to change gear :)