Thursday, January 8, 2009

For her, troubles come and troubles go. The best person to help you out of the situation would be you, yourself. For her, everything is written in destiny. Nothing excites her and nothing surprises her. She can never be too happy nor too sad. AT times , just at times I like that attitude but deep within I am scared for the kind of person she has become. She calls it a person full of wisdom who will never get hurt easily, but I wonder if becoming someone like that really helps. Isn't hurt or anger also worth the fun and love that you have had ? With time I hope things around her changes. She believes that nothing lasts forever, not bad neither the good times. And hence why cherish either of them. They will just go, as people around you will... She has been compromising on certain things - most importantly LOVE ! She feels this is the max that she can get and may be this is what is written in her destiny. She says she is going to try to get that love, but incase she fails she wouldn't feel that bad...she will just take it as another case of 'meant to be' And even while she talks about being with someone so special I hear the same excitement no love no thrills...the same monotonous her ! Only work around keeps her happy and going. She is becoming the queen for conquering fears. I try reasoning out so many times and make her talk of the deepest fears that she has and before she can say it, I know the answer.

I do not know what to make out of all this. Is this also another issue of fate and meant to be's ! I hate to see her like this. I hope times change...soon !

Death takes more than one person away ... it does !

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