Thursday, January 8, 2009

I work on the 5th floor. I deserve to use the elevator. And each time I use it there is this DARNED small board hanging just besides the call button mentioning


It makes me sigh and I get reminded of the little promise made to self (and broken) - taking stairs atleast once a week!

And while in one of those small, fast ride the damn thing stops on the SECOND floor..I literally have the expression which says ' Dude, its just the 2nd floor, come on!' Well, sadly ...very sadly the person who comes in always seem to be more fitter and slender than I AM ! And not to mention oh the well toned legs ! Ugh !


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Rambler said...

I am one of those guys who hates my prev company, I used to work at 7th floor and my lab used to be at 2nd there used to be lot of running around in a day on stairs :D

Since I spend a lot of time in chair doing work I used to love climbing stairs..

I think you should change your resolution from once per week, to atleast once per day ..what say you?