Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first post ...

from india !!!

Have never blogged on blogger in here's to one more of the new beginnings!

The birth place of my blog is now far far away!! Things kept behind, moved on and over ... a new beginning...a new phase!

I guess now am almost over with my jetlagged phase and all set to enjoy the I am :)

Mind has never felt so lighter, so better, so without thoughts .... my slate has been erased !


Rambler said...

I am seeing the exact opposite of this..from an almost clean slate, it has become a cluttered closet..but the jet lag is common hows India treating you?

Pari said...

heyy...india is APNA india...feeling is awesome...though hate the heat and the temp effects on my body otherwise..jus started hogging 2 days back,Heaven :D
howz texas treating u?