Friday, January 16, 2009

This is it !

The last day has arrived! Tomorrow at this time, the hustle would not be the same. The wait is over or the wait has begun? After lots of contradictory opinions and suggestions of thinking over again...I have finally stuck to my decision and I am sincerely praying that it works. It's a gamble. A huge one. May be I am being emotional and as one friend said it, certain times you have to lead life with practicality - you are being way too too emotional. I agree with him. But it's a decision that is making me happy. And those changes that people scare me about - well, let's worry about that later. I am from Mumbai and mumbai runs in me. So, there would be no day when I would get bored of it or sigh about living in the city. If there would be one, I would probably not count it ! Its my life - its my decision. Not all decisions are right...and not all wrong. For this thing, there is hardly any gray area. And the feeling within is good. May be because, going home can never be bad. But am glad, its happening. Something in my life - is yet again changing ! And who knows, I may come back - work again. I have the qualifications to make it happen again, I had the oppurtunity of studying here and I did all that I could have done to enjoy enough. Mostly. In life, never say never. So, here's to the optimistic within me - may be I would come back! May be I would not ! Either ways, I would be fine. Cos I would be at home :)

Bye bye --- US of A !

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