Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random things about me !

Friend tagged me on FB ! Don't like to make this random things public. Less number of people whom I know would read this , so well..here it is ..

1 - I love the smell of first rain. It gives me a sense of peace, I do not know why!
2 - I simply totally gorge on 'Ice creams' ! They are my biggest weakness and will always remain..
3 - I am on a 'diet' since the past 5 - 6 years and aiming to reduce a few kilos, my resolution for new years since the time I can remember has been that !
4 - I like to hear loud music in the car, but just till the confines of closed windows. I hate people who blare music in cars for everyone to hear.
5 - At times, I like losing control over self.
6 - I am terrified of pets, in any form. Anything living and moving, and touching me , takes the hell outta me.
7 - I always think that my English is bad and each sentence I write has some errors. My english scores, my GRE score, my essay scores, some good comments on my blogs or short stories never satisfy me.
8 - I am not at all an adventure person. If I hike a mountain, which say takes some 20 mins, I have achieved a feat !
9- I love playing games, action, fighting, racing...I would prefer a PS or Wii anytime.
10 - I play good cricket and had been the captain for my school and college team. I was a member of the throwball team too as the choclate line player :D
11 - I would love to go to the Alps moutain at Switzerland, someday.
12- I wish to see a UFO before I die and would love to visit the Mexico site someday.
13- I am a sucker for music. Loads of metal, rock, ballads, pop, most of the genres excite me. Only music I do not understand is classical music.
14- I wish to dub for animated movies someday.
15- I think I am a good cook. I do not know how many would agree :)
16- I used to help beggers and old people a lot on the roads, which off late have stopped.
17- I am a good theatre artist. Have acted in quite a few plays and skits. I am a good mimicry artist and have won few prizes too. Have been featured on TV for the same. This till date remains my after retirement plan.
18- I can and have talked for hours and hours on the phone. Max till date is 6 hours !
19 - I have slept for 18 hours a day!
20 - I claim I do not lie, and off late I have realized I may be wrong.
21 - I do not like soft toys that much. Though, I have an entire collection of Winnie , the Pooh with me..right from, Bedsheet, Towel, Coffee Mugs, Pen stand, Night dress, Pens, Pencils..everything I use...has Pooh on it !
22 - I hate people who pick their nose in public
23- I have sent a few postcards on PostSecret. Not because I am terrified to tell things in person to anyone but since it gave me the pleasure of doing something like 'forbidden'
24- I have seen all the episodes of FRIENDS and X-files over and over again.
25- I do not remain angry or in a bad mood for a long time. Max would be a few hours after which I would be back to normal. Though, I have it in my mind for years altogether.

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Rambler said...

"I love playing games"
ooh bad editing can make this really read bad lol

22 - I hate people who pick their nose in public

ah good..I do it in private :D

P.S. Dude you got to fix your template..we cannot get into the post directly :(