Friday, February 13, 2009

Its Friday, the 13th. Learnt this recently, any month that begins on a Sunday will have 'Friday, the 13th' !

Its 14th February tomorrow, no I am not gonna write about the already so hyped day (least in india) but am waiting to see if there are any clashes b/w the younger generation celebrating the day and the police / Shiv Sena and Sene's ! The 'Pink Chaddi' campaign is wide and active, but do not carry too much of a meaning I feel. I was thinking to send 1 just cos in return the Sene's were gonna send me a Khadi saree , and well .. I would have liked that :) Read their claims of asking couples to get married, and making them tie a rakhi, if they are seen together tomorrow. Where does freedom disappear?

Saw 'One Fine Day' right now. Wrong movie to see, on a day before the V day. With that young, sexy, suave George Clooney appearing in every next scene it was so hard to resist the urge to get into the screen and hold him ! 2 hours well spent. Clooney and Pfifer make a wonderful pair. Sweet, simple, leaving you with a good thought movie.

Memories come back at times like these. Exactly 6 years plus a day ago, had worn that Turquoise blue shirt, which all my friends like a lot. Had 'annual day' at college. Was in the first year. Our class was told to present something for the function at the last minute. What went into my friend's mind, I still do not know but the moment I entered my class, she gave me a sheet of paper in the hand. It had the lyrics of the song 'Rang rang mere rang rang mein' and I was supposed to be her DUET partner !! I couldn't believe that they were dragging me into this. But being the class representative I had to do something , I couldn't think of anything else at the last minute and agreed to sing the 'male' part !!! It was well almost near a disaster. My voice over the mic was sounding errrr disgusting (I am not a good singer, but till date I think if I were trained I could have become the next Ila Arun or Usha Uthup :D ) and to spoil it more I sang a few wrong words (Like instead of 'Khil jayega' I sang ' Heel Jayega') Yeah, I know it makes a hell lot of difference, but I couldn't help it , I was nervous. It was the first and the last time I sang on the stage. I would/could do anything on the stage, but SING ! The event was gonna run till late evening. I had some other fixtures. Was so waiting for the 'break'. My anxiety, and idea of bunking the remaining event on that particular day made 'Breaking News' among all my classmates. I couldn't help it , if I were being so obvious. That bunking in front of all teachers, finding the nearest EXIT sign, running to take a rick - I still remember it all. What I may have forgotten over the years, is that spring in steps and that smile on face even during the hurried minute.

The rush, being late, the relief when you reach the destination and the smile on the other person's face ! There are so many things in life which are worth the long ranged efforts and seeing that smile inspite of being hours late is always always worth it !

Seeing that happy satisfied self in the mirror. The color red. The crumbled wrapping papers.

Memories can take you way back time. Its seldom too late to realize that the present is never as good as the past. Days would come and go, making you realize that some things some feelings, do change with time. They do ! What were hours before now do not even exist for minutes!
And then you ask yourself, do you want it all back? Or you are happy the way you are? The way people around you are? Do you ever get an answer? Are shrugging shoulders answers? Is a smile an answer? Is heaving a sigh an answer?