Monday, March 16, 2009

One Fine Day at an Interview, just like that while filing some random forms ,I wrote 'Blogging' as my hobby !! Trouble started when the keen interviewer was so curious to know more about the whole big deal about 'blaaagging' as he said.
At the end of it, explaining the whole world, how people blog randomly, some subject wise etcetra etcetra ... He asked me whether I blog anonymously or as self. Unfortunately, I said the truth and well, he asked the blog address !! Now, I started rotating my toes 360 degrees almost, shifted to the end of the seat and was thinking of telling him, " I do not want to tell you" but the duhh , truthful me took over and errrr...I blurted the right address. So his next question was, 'How do you see the world?' Now before I could imagine the possibility of getting struck by a verbal diarrhoea in that interview room, I somehow shook self to the main scene and could edit the whole longggg talk to a simple, ' Simple'. Conversation stopped there, since my next sentence was ' You should blog too, it would be fun ! ' Here, all he could do was laugh at the suggestion and moved on to the next topic as if all that we talked about blogs was like, just putting a comma to the whole interview.

Note to self: Next time onwards, do not talk about things you truly like. Cos you find it weird and even disrespectful to an extent if things you like, are disregarded and forgotten sooner than a fight by Salman.

To be used wisely, Words !


Rambler said...

you know even though I am so good with masks and have openly admitting things which I like for a long long time now..but when I read it sounds so wrong :)

Pari said...

Shall i say, happy realization :D