Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Traveling tales !

- While traveling in the bus today (its been like 2 months since I am here, and till date, I have just traveled once by the local train. I need to get over the 'fear' before I get used to the bus !!), we stopped at a signal near Andheri. A bunch of street kids tried entering the bus from the front door and were shooed by the driver. Though that didn't discourage them, it was amusing to see, the entire set of people sitting in the front rows started making a scene about them entering the bus. It was an average crowded bus and the conductor who was standing at the end of it, came to the front to clear the situation. The lady sitting besides me grabbed her bag tightly. The uncle in front of me, pushed a few of them, asking them to get down. They were 5 of them. 2 girls and 3 boys. They had that 'katori' in their hands to ask for alms, but I was sure they weren't gonna do that in that bus. I have seen them doing them in trains, but never in bus, and hence the surity. Somewhere the eldest of all ,the girl who looked about 10 year old, removed a small wallet from her torn frock and showed the conductor a Rs. 10 note. And she asked to give her tickets for all of them. He rudely asked where they wished to go. When she told someplace, he told her the stop is just 2 stops away and they should walk it down. It was so weird. No one said anything to the conductor. No one, including me, raised a voice about the whole scenario. The guys simply started laughing and getting off the bus. The driver started yelling loudly amid the commotion asking them to get off soon, since the signal would turn green. The elder girl, looked here and there, as if she was lost. Her eyes were looking for help or some sort of conviction. She merely pulled the other girl along with her, got off the bus. When they all got down, she started beating the other girl. Reason, I could hardly understand. And the guys started running and walking ahead.

I am not sure why this episode moved me so much. It was like that girl failed to take care of her younger siblings and feeling so lost. The reason why she started beating that girl was more like venting out her anger on someone else. The behaviour of the people in the bus was shocking too. If they had the money to buy the ticket, why not give them one. Aren't they human beings, who do does the normal things like all of us. Can't they find the sun too hot, or the thirst too uncontrollable to reach home early?

No sooner did I reach my destination did I forget about the whole incident. But the sight of other beggers seen during the day, once again reminded me of the whole episode. I didn't react either. Was it ok? Or should I really take the guilt ride?


I saw Neil Nitin Mukesh today near a signal. He looks almost the same like he does on screen. Too fair, lips sooo pink. I like the rough look he has. There is some sincerity he reflects, that I find attractive.


' Kiss and make up' have always worked for me. Will it be the same, forever?


Rambler said...

are points 2 and 3 related ?? :)

Pari said...

I wish !