Monday, May 25, 2009

With each passing day, you just realize it is not getting easier. It is just getting all the more complicated.
You realize you should leave it, the way it is.
You realize you need to let life take its turn. Let destiny rule.
You realize you need to start looking for happiness, in things other than within.
You realize you are not helping yourself. And no one else will.
Days become weeks, weeks become months...

What has changed? Afterall.....

Yesterday, I complained of minor head ache. He immediately asked me to go see a doc. I know, deep within he is too scared.

He never cries. He never sighs. He only talks about dreams wherein he sees her. How I wish I could always make it out, whenever he would be missing her. How I wish he were never so strong. He also cried. And made me realize, we all share the same pain. But then, its his strength that makes me wipe my tears away.

Love you dad. For the strength you have and for the way you always have kept those tears, away...far away!

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