Monday, June 8, 2009


My life was summarised in one sentence as follows:

" You know how you are living off late --- like, you are so fascinated with LCD televisions and so enjoy watching them in stores and other people's house, but you tend to always overlook the one you have at home!!"


I will take some time to comment on this....

On a completely different note, today till now (mid-afternoon) I have not got angry ! Its like a record of sorts for me, since the past 2-3 weeks...or more, I do not remember such day!!

Yes, yes --- I have heard and will try to incorporate what all you told me yesterday S!! I am trying, that's worth raising a glass :)


Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

heyy Pari... thanks for ur visit sweetheart :)
will be reading ur blog regularly now... :)

Pari said...

Btw, forgot to tell u...liked ur about me section too much !!