Monday, July 13, 2009

Random thoughts

Weekend was fun... I got my first *Diamond* - sob sob, missed mom seeing the moment !

Wondering that ...

  • A friend said this while discussing his love life...
--> Do not spit. It causes TB!!
So, do not sleep. It causes you to dream?
Do not love, cos it hurts?

  • Ever wondered how inhuman some doctors are? A lady doc who was called in during some emergency check up, never even once is the patient after being taken in the ambulance...Huh, soulless !

  • Fights with "S" are increasing by the day.
Some calls. Some messages later. We just conclude the same thing ... it's not working the way we want it to work. We both are fed up of fighting and moving on each time.
Some day, the "kind of over" would really be over?

  • I hate posting from work.
There's always a fear that the HUGE 17" LCD screen would be visible, from some or the other corner, and there would be someone peeping in...
Not that, I write unreadable stuff, but its just that ...its too personal.

That gets me thinking! I can not GET personal with acquaintances, but with strangers, yes yes, I can and I am !!

  • Met 'doc' hmm...she has lost terribly. She looks more pale, more thin, more not like a doc. Deep within I am worried about her weight. Would never voice it out though, her mom's voice is enough :)
  • How many times in this life time am I gonna realize that the world is a small-small place? There have been so many instances that I have lost count. And each time I feel this would be it, bang comes another case. AT times, I just get scared so as to when would this person know some person, I do not want him to know....

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Rambler said...

I think I like what your friend said