Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The power of 8 !

Got tagged by shruti...fulfilling my duty :)

8 TV Shows I Love/d to Watch:

1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S
2) Grey's Anatomy
3) X-files
4) Imtihaan
5) Zabaan Sambhalke
6) Full house
7) Heroes

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1) Home
2) Pf Chang's (nothing beats this)
3) Uburger (Boy, calories and loads full of it!)
4) Mike's pastry (TiraMISuuu.....ummm.....)
5) Chipotle (aah, the mexican giants !!)
6) Tian, mumbai (chinese/japanese , only place whre i like sushi's)
7) Chaats at juhu/parle/khau gali (outside kalaniketan....yumm!)
8) BHOP ( Good ol' american pittzaa!, how i miss the cheese slices and coke!)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

1) Realized that "S" is always right - almost!
2) Talked on the phone for few hours less than usual...mm...u don't want to know how many!
3) Got one more project ( MY ass's already on fire !! )
4) Missed meeting a cousin :(
5) Got the nick name "cuddly" at work
6) Realized that I am actually getting used to something!
7) Made plans to meet S&A today!! :)
8) Yet again ate choclates and cake , the same day :(

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) Meet S&A today. (Please, hope it goes well...already am a bit off and the enthusiasm is wearing off...)
2) Weeekend :)
3) My birthday ..yes yes, its coming ....
4) Personal things/issues moving forward...
5) See this week's India's got talent and see whether the guys I voted for moved ahead
6) Learn driving...all over again
7) Finish "Persepolis" ...god ..gimme time ,will you??
8) Talking to S and V

8 Things I Love About Winter: ( That would be all boston-based winter)

1) First snow
2) I love wearing gloves :) and those socks :)
3) The warm feeling u get when u are cuddled under the comforter :)
4) Increased frequency of hot choclates and caffeine!
5) I like the way some people turn red and pink in snow :)
6) Snow fights :) Love them....
7) Going out, in your PJ's all high ...ntohing making sense , except that ur ass's cold :D
8) Mumbai winter, well it's better than the rest of the months ... so it's cool !

8 Things on my Wish List:

1) A Priscilla please :)
2) A new watch (which is an all-time demand)
3) One-week cruise somewhere in europe
4) This telescope please !
5) A never-ending gift voucher from NY&C
6) Buying "that" ring from Tiffany :)
7) Perfumes...loads/all of them :)
8) Home-theater system..a huge home ...may be something like this

8 Things I’m Passionate About:

1) Talking over the phone/ or just yapping in general
2) Music + Lyrics !!
3) Watching movies.....Love IT!
4) Multi-tasking...love the rush of things
5) Love watching a variety of sports ...
6) Off late, shopping :)
7) Playing games (egames)
8) Laughing my heart out....

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
1) Fuck
2) Like you know....
3) I do not like you ..
4) Oh/holy crap!
5) hehe
6) okies
7) Freak man!
8) But newyz.... :)

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:

1) In the end, destiny takes over..
2) Cherish each and every conversation with ur loved ones, u may never know which one is the last...
3) Let go off things .... they are not worth holding onto...
4) Love people ..as much as they love you...
5) Do NOT be an emotional fool....(tough 1)
6) Learnt that lessons of wisdom are actually good !!
7) Love that someone truly- make the most of your one life...
7) At the end, nothing (else) matters...

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:

1) Alps mountain
2) Kanyakumari
3) Ladakh
4) Hawaii
5) Holland
6) Egypt
7) Greece
8) London

8 Things I Currently Need or Want:
1) Need to finish this tag in 1 go...been ages since I wrote a post in 1 go and i dont like that!
2) Not freak out with work load.
3) Hope "S" is happy with A !!
4) Height !!!!!!!!
5) A shawl to protect from the damn AC draft
6) Pamper my feet please ... someone...
7) Hope my thoughts/feelings become clearer by the day...this phase is confujing !!!
8) A new office bag, which I might as well buy today :)


Pooh said...

hmm....points noted :)

S&A ---- perplexed!!

Surprises ---- Priscilla ????

Coincidence ---- Imtihaan

I Know --- bday is comin...comin ...comin

Splurge ---- Tiffany !! U are high maintanance...believe me !!

Rambler said...

its surprising to find Full house in many of the lists
Hey what in Pf Cheng?

3) I do not like you ..
Pari this was too good :D

Pari said...

I sooo do not like u :) well...all my near ones are lyk soo used to tis :)

PF Chang ...dude, u gotta visit this place..http://www.pfchangs.com...highly suggested : Lettuce wraps, double pan fried noodles. cococnut curry vegetable and their signature desserts :) ummm.....

Shruti said...

Hey I like chipotle too...The only mexican place that I eat at...

I like your wish list!! :)

Loved reading your answers babe!

Pari said...

thanks shruti... :)

I like certain things at Quodaba too u know...mostly becos of its proximity to neu :D