Saturday, October 10, 2009

A few things...

I do not blog these days.

Call it a writer's block or a non-efficient way to handly my schedule.

This new job (eh!!) is killing me, and touching each sector of my life - magnificently.

Yesterday, while talking to a colleague about this, he told me - just do it. Do things, do not let work stop you from doing stuff that you have always done! In other words, he has decided " to not let work bother other things in his life!"

That was a good inspiration I must say.

Today when I entered, I had decided to do "3 things" other than work!

1 - Look out for a new "Wii" game ( Not done!)

2- Blog !! ( Did!! :))

3- Talk to my bank (some bill - jhol :( - not done!!)

But it feels good to know that I am thinking about things other than work, and dong something !!


I hope am here, for a longer time, and often!!

Prolly , I also do not want everybody here to know that I blog. Yes, I wish I were anonymous at times.

This page is my personal diary kinds. I do not wish to mix work and pleasure :) I do not wish my collegues to know a lot about me, you know , personally. How I crib, how I cry, how a bad day makes me curse, how I curse !! Several of such things!

I do not know whether I will ever share my blog link with anyone. I read their blogs and I feel like commenting, but I resist somehow. Since, my Id would become visible.

Am I scared ?? I just do not know what's the term, you know!!

In other things - you know what's weird.

Loving someone on monday ( no not that!!)

Hating someone on tuesday ( VERY NORMAL)

But loving someone else on wednesday ( YES dude, I find it very very weird)

And *sigh* I know PEOPLE who do that, have been doing that. Is that some disease or something like that.


I am glad to inform that I have taken up/resumed my reading habits.
I finally finished like some 4 books in the past 1 month :)
I will write about them soon.
And I have been catching each and every "good" movie these weeks.

So there have been things other than work, you know. Its just that I am not getting time to sit back and notice them. The wheel's moving a tad too fast !

Also, I found my "threee months" lost orange lip balm today, so hurray :)

And, I am on a leave for four days during Diwali , so another hurray :)

And yeah, I want a nobel prize too...don't I work/write/do things - quietly ?? Think about it . I am loud , but that's just to be heard by the world !

Ha !!

Be back soon :)


Shruti said...

Glad to see you here after so long!!! Keep posting...and look at the positive side...
at least you are doing work that challenges you...keeps you don't realize how important it is, until you don't have it! :)

anjugandhi said...

good to see you back
and things seems to be looking up for you.
just have a positive attitude and it will surely go a long way

Pari said...

@ shruti - I feel blessed at times to have work and curse the "overload" of it! Trust me, i have been thru bad times - the joblessness was so uff...gee! Thanks for reminding me to appreciate ... :)

@anjuji - Thanks :) I hope am here often, I so miss being here!