Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its been very long since I posted.
I do not remember when I had taken this long a break from posting.
There have been times when I am constructively deciding about de-constructing this blog. Do not know why.
But I wish to erase the slate. And start afresh.
I do not wish to analyze life, things, and the general works.
I wish to live as it is.
My blog ain't all about analysing. But when I sit and write, when I build up a post in my mind/mobile...yes, I am analysing things. In general.
I am not gonna do that.
Not any more.

I particularly do not target a single entity/reason why this thought, change.
May be I will get back to square one, and just be self.
But as of now, since the past one month or so, yes -- I am not looking into things. Or analysing my past, present or future. I am just living it.
Letting things be.
Living life, the beautiful way :)

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