Monday, March 21, 2011

oh me again!

This is the third time in this very little (do not ask me, how many) sojourn of life that I have seriously contemplated writing a book!

Funny as it may sound, I have always known how I am going to write the dedication of this particular book, how I am gonna thank everyone in the notes, and how the prologue would/might be. Ofcourse, the "About the author" section is well framed in my mind, but it is open to changes depending on what stage of my life I would be.

Imagine, if I were to write, She is a workaholic, and loves what she boss would fall in love with me.

On these thoughts, I believe, I should write this damn book soon. Definitely before the next appraisal :D

So, yes, I am done writing about 3 pages.

*spoiler alert!

And I have titled it "******"

ha ha ...wait till it gets published :) I bet, you are gonna enjoy reading this one, if it ever sees the light of the day!

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