Thursday, April 14, 2011


I literally counted the green, the red and the orange ones, which represent available, busy, and away, respectively.
And the full moons and the half moons one.

There were 16 virtual people whom I know, somehow, who were there online, ready to talk, or chat.

And I could not find a single somebody to talk to. I was, am bored to death!!

Life can get real lonely sometimes. Or say, boring.

What if you cant text or call up somebody just cos you are bored, or just cos in this tech savvy world you gotta know what anybody is upto at that very moment.


PS: Luckily my office messenger doesn't have these dots, otherwise think about it, 230+ people on the messenger and no one to talk to!! Thats a dreadful thought!


Rambler said...

time to connect the dots

Pari said...

Noo....those green ones bttr left off disconnected :D