Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monster...u r gone!

Yes, finally. After almost 3 years, I finally 'unsubscribed' from the service.

May be cos I have more than 4000 unread mails in my account, mostly from monster. And, also cos I am liking my job :) It brings a smile on my face in the middle of the hectic working day, wherein I take a breather and realize, I love my job!

Oh, and if you thought real ones, than lemme tell you real monsters are much difficult to deal see they dont come with the unsubscribe tag :D

PS: How they must have come up with such a name for a job portal, I wonder?? MONSTER??
If its a boss portal, yes, or some colleagues portal..yes...but then job??? Ummm...c'mon its the job that pays you that dear pay cheque at the end of 30 days of HARD WORK! :D

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