Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A brand new day!

Remember the song by Bryan Adams...A new day has come!
An elephant is walkin on the streets by the end of it. How many of you could actually guess all the clues and guess that the animal would be elephant??

I could. I remember that the last clue added to "denmark" and you had to think of some animal from the second letter of the name of the country.

At times, how you play and win each clue and puzzle that life throws at you, and come back winning. The grin on your face is so evident.

Life does that to you. Throws lemon at you. You know the cliche, you make vodka or lime juice or the similar. But no one ever says, squeeze the lemon and enjoy the sourness, raw, crude, as it is. No one wishes things to be sour, sab ko meetha chahiye!
And let me tell you, not only post dinner as Dairymilk is making you believe, everytime they want meetha. Sasta. Tikaav. Sundar. And you are happy when you get that! (Let me not get into describing the never-satisfying cribbers!)

Basic essentials hain yar!
Nothing but the best. No sour. No mehanga. No asundar.
Bus, gimme what I want, all I have is a list of few essentials. Can I not get things abiding that tiny little list?

Little. TinY ! Let's consider that relative ;)

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