Tuesday, May 24, 2011


While on this 23-hour long train journey to Delhi with A, we did all the crazy stuff that you can imagine.

I loaded self with books, considering I could do a lot of reading in this long journey, but it turned out A was enough.

I stuffed my writing pen, my books and note pads, since the scenery outside trains always brings out the best writer in me. But it turned out A was enough.

I did not get time to do a thing!!

So when she saw my little book, she "demanded" that I write stuff for her.

I attempted two silly little haiku's and I regret doing so. I will tell you why, below.

First the haiku's

Insanity wraps sanity
Oh, thy flower!!

Hyperbole, its not
Never-ceasing spring,

I am regretting writing these since througout the journey, and all till the time I will know her, she will remind me of the fact that she is a never-ceasing spring!


For all that it matters, I liked the haikus.

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