Monday, June 27, 2011

The mighty might!

He might not be the tall dark handsome.
He might not be well read, based on your standards.
His conversations might not be that intellectually stimulating.
He might not be the brightest of the kids in school, not one of the top rankers like may be you were.
He might not have a huge herd of friends having similar interests as you.
He might not like dancing, singing, both of them together, or either of them too much.
He might not even be a bathroom singer.
He might not have any hobbies per se, or even excel in anything in particular.
He might would not have seen places or worse still, might not like travelling as much you.
He might not have taste buds that he would wish to tickle every now and then, like you.
He might not like long drives, or worse still, he might not know driving!
He might snore at night, or worse still can't sleep when you snore!
He might not have a GREAT sense of humour, or may be forgets to laugh at yours.

But may be, you will still like him. You will still find solace when in his company. May be, you will be happy with things. May be, you will find the incompleteness complete. May be, you did not really actually expect so much. May be, you realize, he is the metaphor called life, as real as it gets.

He might not know horse riding, but one day you will still see your knight in shining armour coming sitting over one. And that day, all the mighty mights would lose all the weight.

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