Monday, December 26, 2011

The pink ribbon!

Things do not repel me easily. Or so I think. Bloody images, nasty scenes do not bring out a shriek or "oh my god" outta me, easily.
But just googling cancer images has left me speechless. Such gory images, such an ugly face this disease has!
I have a few close people who have been inflicted by this nasty disease...and after years of treatment and medications, they are still fighting against the disease.
I have known cancer as an "interesting field for study."  When I did my bit to eradicate cancer during my post graduation studies, I felt proud. The published papers and the dead mice played an unpleasant game in my mind, and each time I did something good (or so I felt) I used to feel I am just repaying the debt I own to the mice I killed!
No matter the available research, the literature, the disease remains yet to be eradicated. The chemotherapy kills the inflicted person. The side effects and the pain are so unpleasant.
It is not the cancer awareness month or anything, but I so am planting a pink ribbon on my dress today.
Dear God, do not spread this disease or the tumour. 

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