Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes, I am calling for you...

Dear God,

As hard this may seem, but I really need you to help me out here.
The incessant calls and the endless worries is leading me nowhere. You realize what I am telling you?
This can be "to whomsoever this may concern", but I do hold on and pile together all my faith towards you. Mom had the faith and the trust. Even If I can show an iota of things she had, I might just graze through this phase.
I am not saying I am not worried, but deep deep somewhere I know it will be fine, and I will be good.
Yes, haha funny, I have the faith and the hope. In no crisis or critical situation, you are stealing it away from me.
I may be just as well standing with my hands stretched out to you or in this world, and I just believe you will not fail me this time around.
For the cheerful self, for the unlimited dreaming capacity, and for making it till here, you kinda owe me thee.
Yes, I deserve it. Much more than anything else. Cos I have got myself till here, and done deeds that make things pretty much clear.
Don't fail me, please. And don't let the loved ones worry and brood about me. I will be fine, please tell them this. Please.

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