Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prashn yeh hain...

Not many, but  you know those some particular questions that keep haunting back and forth. Yes, I do have such a list. Now, it is not that I am here to find all the answers of life, but amid this sojourn journey I am proud that I have indeed found answers to a few.
The unanswered ones are many...a few of them include...

-Why, oh why, can she eat cheese/cakes/fries and some rasmalai, and yet not put an inch of fat over her waist, thigh, or wherever?

- Did the monk really, like reallllyy...sell his Ferrari??

-Is the money in Swiss banks in a locker like as in a Godrej locker?

-Are people really as happy as their Facebook pages claim to be?

-Why are our politicians not suffering from fatal diseases similar to the 45% populace of our country?

- When will Sachin Tendulkar retire?

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