Monday, May 28, 2012


Dear Lord,
Times have changed. Recession is so here. There is a lean period everywhere. Monthly petrol costs more than car's EMI. Rupee is weakening day by day.
My favourite coffee has become super expensive from expensive. I cannot eat caramel popcorn and samosas and drink uncool stuff, along with watching movies all the time. I mean, I should not. The rate of cakes, pastries, pizzas and pav bhaji have horrendously increased everywhere. I cannot fly business economy class with these flying rates. Taxes on imported products have made me think twice before buying that imported watch or perfume. Clothes toh I now buy only Indian brand, which is expensive, but cheap when compared to that other foreign brands.
Oh, dear lord, I do not ask for much. Just shorten the time to appraisal please. This living expenses are getting too high man. Of course, I am also praying that you increase the pay a teeny weeny bit. Such that I can survive till the next price hike :-)

Lovingly yours
A common man

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