Monday, September 3, 2012

Entrepreneur by attitude. Employee by work.

The entrepreneur itch(es) come and go.
There are factors involved; namely fear, inhibitions and finance.
There are too many things in my mind off late, and putting them into an orderly perspective seems a task. May be I should try doing that on this virtual page.
I really really need to do it since the task at hand seems measly, small, just doing-it-for-money kinds, whereas the truth is..I am not doing the stereotypical job or role that my degrees tell me to do. I have walked and am already walking on an unconventional pathway not laid down by any, then why this feeling? Feeling to do something more, more satisfying, more occupying. I do not wish to start the day writing about somethings that are not interesting me anymore. But then, it seems it may be the case of - too many ideas that are brewing in my head that is not letting me get a hold of the present situation. The good thing is I am doing well professionally, really have a good job profile in hand, nice company, then why the jitters?
I need to start with knowing my end goal.
It is not money. I do not want to be entrepreneur or change jobs for more money. Money, yes,
Fame? To a certain extent. I like it when I see some good valid results on Pubmed with my name. It gives me a high. It might be my 2 seconds of fame, but well, I can live with that.
Satisfaction. Now here is the problem. I feel am not doing things that utilizes my potential to the fullest. I want to be at a place where I am bursting with energy, giving off 1000 ideas in a day, talking to tons of people, and doing something really good for the brand I am working for. More so, I have done all that here; and somehow it seems all the enthusiasm is waning off.
At times I feel I wish to take up teaching. Others, I wish to join an NGO. At certain others, I wish to take up copywriting and making ads. I think that perfectly fits the bill. Ideation, creation, fun at work, and all of that. I know I will be damn good at it. At the same time I can start doing a bit for the education sector, and fulfill my long held wish of helping children study.
Oh what is that I want?
Why is that I sigh?
I need the orderliness.
I know for certain, routine kills me.  How exactly do I bring a change?
The attitude or the altitude?

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