Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do you have these too?

Irrational fears.
I have tons of them. And now, after gaining wisdom from my experience on this planet, I have come to the conclusion that fears are nothing but born out of those ulta sulta ideas of your mind, and also from the way you perceive the world, and the most relevant one, your past experiences.

- I have a fear of falling. I dream about them. Day in and day out. Websites tell me that "falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation in your waking life" Seriously?People who know me, and me too, would vouch for the fact that this is not possible! Insecure, unstable, and anxious...umm..that's not exactly me. Also, read this..."According to Freudian theory, dreams of falling indicate that you are contemplating giving in to a sexual urge or impulse. You are lacking indiscretion." Ahem!! Now now, that *might* be true, but hellow, the number of times I get these dreams, I wonder if that can be possibly true...

- I have a fear of wearing high heeled shoes. The world isn't flat, so shouldn't be my shoes! But alas, I have a fear of tipsy-turvying over those heels. Even platforms are a rare commodity on my shoe rack. I do not run and walk so slow while on platforms, that people with me invariably ask, are your shoes hurting? Oh well...what would they know? I do not like wearing complete flats I am always, always, in the lookout for good shoes. Like if I find my size (Size: 4!!! Yes!! I have Asian feet), I do not think twice before buying them.

- I have a fear of having bad breath at the right time. Haha! Yes, I do have this fear. I wonder from where this stems from. But I know an incident, wherein a guy was rejected by a girl cos his mouth stinked to the core. Not of tobacco, or paan, or anything edible, but you know the general BAD dental stale!! This story had a lasting impression on my mind. So, I am always prepared. Like what if I have to speak something with my boss in low whispers, such that am like just an inch away from him, I do not want bad breath, right. You will always find gum and mouth fresheners in my purse. I use mouthwashes too often. I plan on visiting my dentist often,  but end up doing that irregularly since I hate seeing him and his reminders for getting my cavities filled up!!

-I have a fear of forgetting things while I leave my home. After closing the door behind me, I check all my pockets, my purse for house keys, lens case, mobile, mobile charger, wallet...for like 22 times! I know this sounds weird, but I am really not sure why do I do it. Other than a few incidents of forgetting my wallet at work, I do not remember being lousy about keeping important things at work, and yet, I have this fear? or OCD? What is it?

- I have a fear of meeting with a bad accident when I turn 65-70, and surviving it. Oh this is because my life line says so. You know it's like running pretty long, and then it breaks somewhere near the end, and still continues. I just wonder whether I will be the only one surviving the major plane crash (yes, I believe it will be my trip to Prague and I get stuck!), or will my family members be surviving too?

- I have a fear of losing my hearing somewhere around 60.'s already like bad. I do not wear earphones. I have given up on my love of music. And doctors say it requires some hi-fi surgery. I do not want that right now. So, but I hope it doesn't worsen.

So I live with these. What are yours? Its okay, we all survive them and live through. It is just our weirdness that makes us awesome na. And at times hot too! :-)

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D said...

:-) OCD, thats the word!