Monday, October 8, 2012

Basic instincts!

A saw a 'positive' pregnancy test today! On that kit. Two lines. One dark, one lightly coloured.
The mother to be was confused whether to call it a positive.
We 'googled' and realized, that this is A YES!!!
I jumped, squealed, and clapped like a baby...but the mother-to-be is holding on to her celebrations because she has been trying since a LONG TIME (oh she has been going through lot many biological procedures for getting pregnant) and would be disheartened to find this as a negative. She may visit the doctor tomorrow to ascertain the test results. But I strongly believe this is a yes, cos these use-once pregnancy kits are rarely wrong.
OH, what a joy!
I am so so happy for her, and the fact that she is gonna be a mother, something that will come oh so naturally to her. She has been wanting a baby since a long time, and hell yes, she deserves it.
You know there are some women who are born to be good mothers. Good care takers.
I really do not see self as one of these. Sigh, do I have any maternal instinct?? When I see my dollop of joy, my best friend's baby, all my emotions bundle up into love for her, and I know this is what it might be to be a mom.But then, I don't know.
Diaper changing, poop cleaning, waking in the middle of the night for their cranky behaviour, and then having dark circles, flabs of fat, falling hair are some of the other negatives.
However, a cute little 'maasi' from my bundle of joy makes me forget all my pain; may be this pull, maternal pull, is basically ingrained in a woman? It may be deeply hidden somewhere within, and when you have your own, you realize how it is...
Oh, I can only wonder...

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