Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Love Actually, is all around.
So is Happiness.

It stares in your face every time you take strides in the normal world with the billions. Or even when you are seated in a 4 X 4 cubicle. All it takes is an Internet connection. Happiness says hi, hello, I am here, I am there, I am living in this one's place. Is it eluding you? You do not know for sure. At times, when the sky is clear and you get those bouts of clear thoughts while your daily sky gazing moments, you realize may be it is not. You just gotta hold on to  happinesss' favorite friend 'patience.' Or may be you gotta learn to live your life via others. People happy = You happy. How simple would life be?
Cos each time you are awake, there are zillion of people happy, smiling, holding hands, hugging, kissing, and jumping, because they are expressing their 'happiness.' Imagine, how happy you will be.
And then, the battle of 'suppressing envy' would not have your participation.


Pooh said...

Baby, getting J doesn't go away easily. And trying to live on someone else's happiness...hmmm..what if it leads to reducing their quota? huh?
Alternatively, seeing you happy does make me happy..so that equation is good :-)

Pari said...

So you are reducing my quota of happiness, eh? What a logic! But am glad to hear about that equation. And yes, getting away from trying to get pangs of jealousy, it's difficult, but am trying to reach there.