Saturday, May 25, 2013

Traveling tales...

What are we in this world?
A mere traveler.

A traveler that travels. Never stops. Never exhausts. No destination is the final one. He yearns for more. He never settles at one place. He will relish the journey and even the temporary destination. But he will keep moving on. And wherever he will lay his head, it would be home.

Us, humans, just like this traveler roams around. Run for things. Increase the pace of our lives as per the situation demands. Come rain or shine we do not stop. We fight with nature, we build shelter against natural disasters, we kindle hope among the entire clan. We move on. We go on. Most times we do not have a destination in mind, and if we do, there is still no stopping us even if we reach the desired place. We are bound to continue moving! This fight for the finish that we are leading is nothing but a mere journey, a small sojourn on this planet in this life of ours. A journey that never ends. A destination that is seldom reached.

And then we realize, how stupid of us to not sit back and ponder over this. When did we lose ourselves so much in the pace and flight that we forgot to see the serene surroundings. The blue sky and the bluer sea. When was the last time we heard the bird chirping or made peace with the high waves of sea? Why did we not say the words that were meant to be said at the right time? When did we start caring so much for the society of the fellow traveler in the next tent base? When did we start fearing the future, when the truth is we do not even know what's gonna happen the next minute or day?

And then, there is this amount of time we spend on doing the minute things; the selection of the dress to wear or the food to eat; the button to press or the question to ask; the letter to write and the report to be made! A never ending charade. A spate of issues today, tomorrow, and forever.

Some laugh through all this; some cry. Some sail happily, some never try. Some spend so much time pondering that they never reached really anywhere. Some reached glorious destinations but had no tales to share. Some ignored the treacherous paths and took the simple-looking stairs. Some took the whites of the snowy mountains and some tanned under the Sun. A hand here or no legs there, all mere travelers with different stories to bare.

It is all nothing but the way you make the journey. Whether provided with a comfortable bed or not, whether you flew or took the tough road, it is all about how you kept your attitude throughout the journey. You may end up eating the juicy fruits on the way, you may even fight a bear or two, if you are lucky the sun or wind will not be harsh on you. But keep moving on. Do not hold grudges. Do not hold fear. Life is a never-ending journey - sail it with the best of the hope and faith that you have. And who knows, along the way, you might even find the right partner too!

A trip to the beautiful Kerala. Back with vengeance! 

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