Friday, August 30, 2013


Many things in life are unpredictable. Rather most things are.
Yet, we human, take this factor in our strides and continue moving on...and how?! Seen those huge schedulers and the calendar appointments through the year?
Yes, we plan. For the future. Daily planner / Weekly Planner/ Monthly planner and so on...
A mundane day in office, or so it seemed, turned out to be a nightmare for so many of my ex-colleagues/friends.
Getting laid off is not easy. It hurts. (Ouch). And it leaves you so unprepared for the future.
It is like "a surprise test" that we had in schools and colleges...or may be worse?
It has been only a few months since I took up this new job, and my previous colleagues are being asked to leave since the company is "down sizing"
One call from the HR; one visit to the boardroom, and it is the "end"
They do not count the number of hours you have put in - the years you have toiled - nothing matters.
Is it not completely unethical for companies to fire people like this?
Yes, they have provided a three month severance package, but what about the mental chaos?
Some say this is an opportunity for them to move forward...but really, why don't you show me the picture that I am going to move forward -- rather than being pushed forward!?
I am blessed / lucky to have not been in the company at this moment, but my heart goes out for those who were...
They all had dreams/ financial responsibilite/ new births in the family/ marriages around the what happens to all those?
Yes, they will move on...and begin a new phase of life...but it hurts a lot to being pushed in the valley without a warning.
They all must have planned for Saturday and Sunday...without realizing  that this Friday would never be forgotten! :(

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