Saturday, September 7, 2013

Winning hearts...

How easy it is? Or rather difficult?

Let's weave a story with words...would that suffice?

Would ending with "happily ever after" create a sense of curiousity and excitedness enough to let them sigh and drool. And let us win their heart...?

Let's weave a story for a child of every age. Let's concentrate on the gravity of each word said, and then,  sentences and paragraphs so strongly put together, would lead to nothing, but, win their hearts!

Let's create a graphical journey...because a picture says a thousand words. Show the setting sun, the splashes of waves, and the chirping birds. Let's put them in the foreground and let them imagine for themselves - how wonderful it might be...and win their hearts?

And if everything else fails...let's just put them together. In a cubicle full of coffee aroma. Let them realize the depth of understanding. If silence, awkward glances, and muted conversations would dwell something within them, we would know we have won their hearts...

A friend narrates her story or journey to finding the perfect groom. And she would vote 5 stars for this :)

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