Thursday, September 19, 2013

If coulds, would haves and the what ifs

Life is full of those.

There are so many things that do not get as planned. You are stuck counting what went wrong and then trying to come up with a recovery plan...

But after retrospect and later while, you cannot help but ignore the what ifs...the could haves and the would haves! What if, now that dream did come true...I would have been living in a fairy tale set amid snow-clad mountains? Oh, what if the world wasn't so mean, we all would have been blessed with so much happiness?

What if all I ever want to say remains a fumble and an expression here or there? It can lead to a disaster? An emotional catastrophe? But then I would have been an mime expert? Or I would have found someone who would have understood the language...?

Yes, the what ifs and the would haves...thank you, for making our lives so believable and yet not so.

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