Saturday, September 14, 2013

Does this happen?

Imagine this.

You are standing at a bus stop with people who take a bus, may be same, may be different, everyday. This goes on for a couple of years. You get into small talks; share your dreams, destinations, desires. Then, someday they never come at the bus stop. They board the bus and are lost forever. Years later you hear that after boarding the bus that day - the last time you met - their lives got moving in different directions. They started venturing towards their dreams, destinies and desires. Most of them as you see or know seem to be in the path they thought they want to take and are doing things they want to do. Or may be doing things that you would not mind doing either.

After being in touch with different sets of people this way - via the bus stop - some day you stand back and are still at the bus stop!

Is this what people call growing old? Or is this what people call jealousy?

The feeling does not stem from the fact that you have not achieved things - monetarily or professionally. Many a times the feeling is also about reaching a particular stage on personal levels. You see the smiling pictures, you see the places visited, you see the fun and frolic, the picture that has been painted - and you feel that the grass is greener that side.

You might be wrong. You know, there are higher chances of mountains looking beautiful from a distance. But then, there is a part of you that sighs and wonders - will I ever get into the right bus? Will I ever reach the destination I want to reach? Oh yes, I know the destination --- I know my dreams ---- the problem is not about not knowing. The problem is about knowing too much. Knowing all the details you want.

Too much of being fussy might not help the cause. But then, will it be too late before I understand? And till then, I will continue looking over other people's fusiness and the real side of the stories, and continue waiting for my bus?

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