Sunday, March 16, 2008


Alrite ! So this is something that i am not too very passionate for, and not too keen either, but my body has some other demands.
So, its nothing new for me when i crib about the fact that i want to exercise but i don't !! Back home i still remember those days when dad had forced me to join a yoga class and i had so very reluctantly joined it and left it half way. I remember the last time i did exercise with my sister in tow and what fun it was. I never was fond of those MASS PRACTICAL TRAINING (MPT) way back in school that we had, every wednesday for 45 mins !! I dreaded them !!
Am i a lazy bum ? Well, i would really love to answer this question NO with the reason that its just that i dont feel like exercising, my cells , my muscles, my tissues dont like to get stretched unnecessarily. I am fit ! I do get tired when i do too much of work, but then who doesnt !
Talking about all this, i have recently started gymming ( my 3rd attempt after coming to boston) and hopefully this time i shall abide it. I also have friends to come along with, so i am praying it shouldnt be a problem this time for me to continue. And i am also hoping, that i do see some results soon, so that i get motivated and in the hope of losing more pounds continue the gym phase.
And oh yeah, did i mention... the first day of my gym and i see this cab pass by with the hoarding .....


(aaww.......!! damn the hoarding... )

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