Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank you God..

for giving me such a wonderful Family and set of friends !
Today i had a talk with my sis, she is totally god sent ! An angel, yeah she is the one who holds the true meaning of the word !
I mean, i don't remember a single time when i am down and talking with her hasnt helped me!! She brings back the hope, the faith, the patience....and to do all this .. she herself sets examples !
I respect her a lot and always will look upto her no matter what....
If i asked myself the question, who is the person in this world, for whom i am the most selfless - the answer is her !
Five years down the line, i am not gonna remember the patience i lost , or the job i didnt get .. i am gonna cherish the faith that my family had for me or how they were capable of vanishing away my fears and instilling in me the confidence i needed for the moment !

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