Friday, December 19, 2008

Liar Liar Liar....

I wrote something at 1:00 am and now after 1 hour or so , I delete it !!

I still don't have the courage to come out in open! Does that make me a Liar?

I hate lies. And I maintain I don't lie. Am I not the biggest liar ? A very huge outlier ? I lie daily. With each rising sun and each waning moon.

How are you? I say 'fine' , I say 'good'
How is everything? I say 'fine' 'good' 'great'
Are you alright? Yeah, I am...I am fine !
Each time I say I am gonna diet, I lie to myself!
Each time I say I am gonna play guitar, I lie by finding some excuses!
I lie each time, friends ask me the 'standard' questions related to ...

Such a lier lies within myself. And I say, I don't lie !! I have the audacity to say that !!! I have no right to get angry when close friends hurt my feelings by lying to me! I have no right. I realize this a tad too late, but wat the heck, better late than never ! This makes me wonder, how many people do I really need to forgive, since so many of them have actually lied to me , so many times!

I lie to myself that everything is fine. Life lies to me each day, showing me hopes that things will be different and better tomorrow. Each day would be no different, and then everything would one day - Change!! And I live on with that lie ....


Rambler said...

why do you sound so much like me?..well not the 1am part..or the delete part..but the rest of much like me..may be that was one of the biggest reason for me to blog anonymously...let me assure you it helps a lot

Pari said...

Let me tell u a part of the 'deleted' post, I had envied you at the end for having that MASK! Damn !!!