Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weighty matters?

I believe 7 out of 10 females wish to reduce weight. If not, my statistical probabilities are pretty wrong.

I got acquainted with this female recently. She is overweight. Yes. Almost 20 to 30 kilos extra. But then, you see such ladies everywhere. Don't we? And they do lead a normal life.

She narrates her 5.30 AM gym experience everyday. How she did this and that, and how she loves doing this and that in the gym. I used to listen to her keenly, and always wonder how she does all this, and comes to work on time too.

Today, when I realized the real motive for her to get fit, or say lose some 15 kilos, I was shocked and felt utter sorry for her.
She is married. Wasn't like this before marriage. When she was going around with the guy, the guy had told her he hates fat ladies!
And today, when she turns out to be one, he has "almost" abandoned her. She painfully admitted that he doesn't want her to be so fat when her NRI Sis-in-law arrives in a time of some 3 months. And how she has resolved to reduce before that!
I mean, seriously?!

what is this guy?
A pig! !

A plain resolution of losing weight seems like a marriage clause for her.
I sincerely wish she does lose weight (rather if need be, I wouldn't mind if God keeps me the same for the next few months, and give her my share of loss...u get it)

But, at the same time, I hope she does rise from her slumber and give the guy "one tight slap" for being such an ASS!!!!

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